Device information

  • Name: Universal centrifuge
    Model: IN-601
    Num of units: 1
  • Manufacture Year: 0000-00-00
    Manufacturer Website:
  • Description: Technical Data - Sophisticated module electronic circuit for easy maintenance. - Stainless steel chamber easy for cleaning ensuring to be free from contamination. - Automatic imbalance detection system prevents damage by gently bringing rotor to a stop. - Automatic braking system brakes to complete stop gently within 1 min when the set time is elapsed. - “LID LOCK” lamp illuminates when the lid is locked properly. - Convert RPM and RCF readings automatically from one to the other, convenient for choice to meet your application. - Electric interlocking system prevents the lid open during operation. Press button of LID OPEN before opening the lid. - Lid can’t be opened in case of the failure of the mains power. Lid-open override system is designed to open the lid manually. - Button STOP functions to stop spinning against the emergency. - Features Errors detection: Rotor Imbalance、Disengaged Connector、Overload、Driver overheat、Motor overheat. - Brush-less induction drive creates quiet operation and ensures maintenance free.
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