Adult human skeleton
Mini full-body {Muscular model}
Female pelvis
Brain module
Arterial Puncture Module
Arterial Puncture Module
Laryngo Scope Set
Medicine Apparatus
Blood pressure training arm
Venipuncture Training Arm
Disposable Resuscitator
Deluxe Hospital Training Manikin
CPR Susie Advanced Patient Care Simulator
Surgical Sally
Stump bandaging simulators
Structure and Stapling Practice Training
Bedsore Cleansing and Dressing Model
Adult Weight Scale
Female catheterization simulator
Male catheterization simulator
Suction machine
First aid training manikin
Nebulizer machine
Trauma module set
Multipurpose male simulator
Patient care simulator
Heart and lung sound manikin
Advanced intravenous training arm
SMASH Advanced patient training arm
Mega code manikin
Difficult airway trainer
Airway management trainer
Spinal injection simulator
Tracheotomy care set
Central venous catheterization
Femoral access trainer
Stat manikin
Arterial stick arm kit
Patient monitor
Electro- Cardiogram (ECG)
Pulse oximeter
Crash cart
Oxygen and suction center
Module Training Baby in First Year (Hospital Training Baby Dissected)
Kim Infant CPR Manikin
Child weight Scale
Five Year Old Pediatric Care Simulator
Module Training Baby in one Year
Neonatal simulator with smart skin technology
Infant arm for meanatal radial artery training
Mega Code kid
Infant Crisis Manikin
Baby vein arm
Infant CPR manikin
Child Birth Module
Obstetrical Manikin
Interchangeable Male& Female Breasts
- Intra-uterine Fetal Development Models (Embryo Development Set)
Nursing Skills Manikin
Leopold Maneuvers Illustrated
Mini Doppler
Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator
Pregnant Woman Model
Gynecologic simulator
Breast Self Examination Simulator
Advanced child birth simulator
50-postpartum suturing trainer
51-labor Delivery Module