Microscope 3 Eyes with screen
Binocular microscope with camera
Fluorescent Microscope
3 D anatomy machine
Gel Electophoresis
Rotatory Microtome
UV Transmitter
EVOS XL Imaging System
Tissue Embedding Station with Cooling Unit
Electrophoresis temperature control apparatus
Thermal Cycler
Tissue Processor
Laminar Flow
Physiological training device for respiratory and cardiac experiments
The transducer of the force due to muscle contraction at a constant length
The transducer of force due to muscle contraction in constant tension
Transducer for measuring intravascular pressure
Measure the pressure of mice by the tail
Electrocardiogram for experimental animals
Recording device A device that records signals from inside cells
Recording device A device that records signals from outside cells
ميكروسكوب ضوئي Binocular
ميكروسكوب ضوئي monocular
الميكروسكوب الفلورسينتى
كابينة تعقيم laminar flow
HEBA Filter 120 × 60
HEBA Filter 60 × 45
Real – time PCR - Qiagene
جهاز ELISA Reader - TECAN
جهاز Electro – phoresis – acculab
جهاز ضرد مركزي
جهاز ضرد مركزي
حضانة Incubator
Autoclave – acculab
UV Imaging System – Cleaver scientific
Plate shaker
Infra – red Vortex Mixer
Co2 Incubator
ميزان حساس