PLC simatic S7-300(siemens)
Human machine interface
Motor&drive unit
MIMIC demo unit
PI demo unit
Thyristor module
Demonstration model for automatic drive control
Automatic Mounting press
Inverted Universal Laboratory Metallograph
Optical microscopes
Universal testing machine100 KN
Computerized horizontal torsion machine
Low speed low
Hardness testing machine
Hardness test (vickers-Rock well- Brinell)
Multi test -xt
Ploshing machine
Salt spray cabinet
Thermal gravimatric analysis
Echograph 1090
Rotating Beam Fatigue testing machine
DC and RF Magnetron Plasma Sputtering
Gama Spectrocopy Systems
Beta Spectrocopy System
Alpha Spectrocopy system
Gamma Spectrometer , Identifier and Neutron
Neutron Dose Rate Monitor
Temperature measuring system DAS-4810
K/J thermometer
Inferared thermometer
Kontakt thermometer
Combined convection and radiation unit
Expansion process of perfect gas unit
Thermal electric heat pump
Teaching unit
Hot wire anemometer
Relative humidity transmit
Heat exchanger study unit
Servo motor kit
Analogue Control Kit
Digital control kit
Thermal unit
Process Control Simulator kit
PLC, Elevator trainer
PLC, Conveyor belt
PLC, Traffic signal control
Rotating Fatigue Machine For Marine Applications
Beam Apparatus for Marine Applications
Torsion Testing Machine For Marine Applications
Loading and Buckling of Struts for marine applications
Ship Stability Apparatus
Ship Vibration Apparatus
Impulse generator 1000KV
H.v testing transformer 1000kv,10kva
H.V stablized supply 50kv ,4ma
H.V transformer 60kv,30kva
Earth resistance tester
Power quality analyzer