Glass Sided Tilting Flume 2
Drainage and Seepage Tank
Mobile Bed flume
Glass Sided Tilting Flume 1
Glass Sided Flume 3
U channel
wide channel
covered drainage system basine
drip irrigation system basine
ECO 6 thermoreactor
smoke test
K├Âtterman 3047 shaking waterbath
gas smoke test
industrial balance model
Tension test 1200 N
Torsion test
Fatigue test
Impact test
Brinnel test
Vicker test
Springs testing machine
Impact test (small)
Melting furnace
Vecstar Muffle furnace
Nickon light microscope
Metkon Grinding and Polishing machine
Hardness tester
Ultrasonic cleaner (ULTRAMET)
SimpliMet 2 Mounting Press
Sensitive electronic balance
Water distillation
Pressure Testing Machine (3000 KN)
pressure Testing Machine (digital)
Berri Machine
Bending test machine
Core test machine
core saw
Multiple testing Machine
Multiple testing Machine 2500 KN
Hydrulic jack 2000 KN
air compressor
winch 25 KN
Analog Oscilloscope
DC Regulated Power Supply
LCR Meter
DC Power Supply
Digital Multimeter VC 97
Digital Multimeter