Device information

  • Name: Bath sonicator
    Model: CREST
    Num of units: 1
  • Manufacture Year:
    Manufacturer Website:
  • Description: Device uses sound waves to agitate particles in a medium. Sonication time and bath temperature can be controlled. It is used to dissolve solutes and disperse particles in liquid media.
  • Availability: available
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  • Additional Info: Only distilled water should be used. Bath is cleaned regularly. Make sure that you keep water up to the set level.

For more info and reservation contact:

  • Lab Person
  • Ph. Doaa Nady
  • 01060039321
  • Faculty Coordinator
  • Sara abulmagd
  • 001022668578
  • University Coordinator
  • Prof. Heba Atia Yassa
  • 01001349209