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  • Name: Spectrofluorophotometer
    Model: RF-5301PC
    Num of units: 1
  • Manufacture Year: 0000-00-00
    Manufacturer Website:
  • Description: Features of Fluorescence Spectrometry: 1-Tens to thousands of times higher sensitivity than absorption spectrometry. 2-High selectivity (combining excitation and fluorescence wavelengths allows measuring even mixtures) APPLICATIONS: life sciences Amino acids, peptides, proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins, coenzymes, amines, etc. Food Products Amino acids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, coenzymes, antibiotics, food additives (such as flavorings, seasonings, and antioxidants), cooking oil (such as vegetable oils and animal oils), and pesticides (carbamate, organophosphorus, and 1- naphthylacetic acid) Chemicals / Environment Organic, inorganic, and polymer compounds (such as fibers, plastics, and rubbers) Qualitative/quantitative analysis Enzyme reaction research Research of reaction mechanisms through analysis of substrates, coenzymes, and proteins (tryptophan and tyrosine residue) Antigen-antibody reactions Research of protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid, and protein-sugar interactions Analysis of intracellular ions (such as Ca2+) using a fluorescence probe (such as Fura-2) Analysis of neurotransmitters (such as catecholamines) Research of nucleic acid hybridization Research of biomembranes Food ingredient analysis and quantitative analysis Inspections for residual pesticides Trace analysis Materials science research Photochemical reaction research Polymer research Optical materials research Assessment of atmospheric, water, and soil pollution Such as the analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds Crude oil and coal analysis
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