Device information

  • Name: Rotovapor with Waterbath
    Model: Buchi R-114 Rotovapor with B-480 Water bath
    Num of units: 1
  • Manufacture Year: 0000-00-00
    Manufacturer Website:
  • Description: The Buchi R-114 Rotovapor with B-480 Waterbath is intended for a complete evaporating system with a vacuum controller. Features include: Buchi B-480 water bath with manual set point for temperature; Waterbath temperature range of 20-180 degrees Celsius; Manual control of lift and tilt; Adjustable rotational speed of the Rotavapor. Features include: R-114 Rotovapor with B-480 Waterbath, Dry ice condenser, Vapor tube.
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