Absorption Refrigeration System
Automotive Air-Conditioner Trainer
Capacity Control in Refrigeration Systems Simulator
Computerized Heat Pump Trainer
Variable Load Refrigeration Circuit Trainer
Base Unit of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System
Model of A Refrigeration System with Refrigeration and Freezing Stage
Model of A Simple Air Conditioning System
Combination Forced Air and Hydronic Heating Trainer
Measurements Tools Kit 1
Measurements Tools Kit 2
Measurements Tools Kit 3
Measurements Tools Kit 4
Measurements Tools Kit 5
Digital sensitive balance
Pressure Measurement And Calibration Unit
Temperature and pressure measurements educational unit
Weather station
Flow measurement training rig
Dead weight tester
Flow Meter Trainer
The Settling Velocity Trainer
Water hammer in pipes
Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus
Metacentric Height (Stability of Floating Bodies)
Measurement of Jet Forces
Orifice Discharge
Energy Losses in Piping Elements
Reynolds Numbers Apparatus
Fluid Properties Trainer
Cavitation Demonstration
Hydraulic Ram- Pumping Using Water Hammer
Free and Forced Vortices
Losses In Pipe system
Main Hydraulic unit sump
Radial and linear Heat Conduction Trainer
Free & Forced Convection Phenomena Unit
Thermal Radiation Phenomena Trainer
Thermal Conductivity of fluids with Computer Controlled Training System
Heat Exchanger Supply Trainer
Tubular Heat Exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Stirred Tank (Coil or Lined) Simulator
Temperature Measurements Educational Unit
Saturation Pressure Apparatus
Recycle Loops Unit
Various Heat Exchangers Visualization Trainer
Expansion Processes of a Perfect gas Unit
Ideal Gases Expansion
Oil Burner Heating System Trainer
IC Engine Disassembly and Reassembly
Internal combustion engine test stand
Mounting Frame
Lines of Influence on the Gerber Beam Model
Elastic Line of a Beam
Parabolic Arch
Three-Hinged Arch
Forces on a Suspension Bridge
Deformation of Frames
Forces in Various Single Plane Trusses
Dial Gauges
Deformation of Trusses
Methods to Determine the Elastic Line
Bending Test, Plastic Deformation
Advanced Hydrological Systems Simulator
Bed-Load Transport in River Training Simulator
Seepage-Streams Investigations Equipment
Demonstration for the Effect of Precipitation
Sedimentation Tanks Trainer
Filtration of Cake and Depth Trainer
Groundwater Flow Trainer
Eco Smartz Automatic Marshall Compactor BS
Sand Absorption Apparatus-01
Eco Smartz Centrifuge Extractor Apparatus-01
Vacuum Pyknometer 10 Liters (Rice Test)-01
Eco Smartz Motorized Marshall Stability Compression Tester 50 kN-01
Advance Automatic Ring & Ball Softening Point Apparatus-01
Digimatic Automatic Cleveland Flash and Burning Point Apparatus-01
Specific Gravity Bottle-01
ECO-SMARTZ Advance CBR Loading Tester
Proctor Test Apparatus-01
Saybolt Viscometer Apparatus
Advance automatic digital penetrometer
Marshall Water Bath
Dry Oven
Triples motion sieves shaker(large Dia)
Advance Automatic Digital Cone Penetrometer-01
Laboratory Vane Apparatus
Plate Bearing Equipment-01
Proctor Test Apparatus-01
Sand Pouring Cylinder Set-01
Filtration of Cake and Depth Trainer
Eco Smartz Automatic Proctor or CBR Soil Compactor-01
Linear Shrinkage Mould-01
Constant Head Permeameter-01
Falling Head Permeameters-01
Consolidation Apparatus-01
Digital Direct Shear Testing Machine-01
Laboratory sample mixer
Pocket Penetrometer
Proving ring penetrometer
Universal extruder
Moisture determination balance
Liquid Limit (Casagrande method)
Vibrating compaction hammer
Particle Size Distribution by Sieving Method
Coring Machine 4 Stroke Petrol Engine-01
Work Benches
Package of: (machines and measuring devices and load and switches and circuit breakers and accessories)
Package of: (Additional modules)
8051 Microcontroller Trainer
PIC Microcontroller Trainer
AVR Microcontroller Trainer
STM32 ARM Microcontroller Trainer
Generation unit -Power supply Module
Step Up / Synchronization Substation Module:
Step Down Substation Module
Load Module
Auxiliary Module
Transmission Module
Meters Module
Bus Bar Module
Dynamometer Module:
Industrial control (process control trainer)
Classic Control Trainer
Work Bench with All Measuring Devices ,
AC power Supply 220V/16A (Circuit Breaker Schneider electric)
AC/DC variable power supply 0.250V/5A (Metrel Slovenia)
DC power supply 24V/8.8A (Meanwell Taiwan)
DC power supply panel
4 x earthed mains sockets (Schneider electric)
Function Generator (0.5Hz ~ 5MHz) (GFG-8255A) (GW-Instek) (Taiwan)
Digital Oscilloscope (GDS-1102B) (GW-Instek) (Taiwan)
Digital Multimeter (KEW 1021R) (Kyoritus) (Japan)
Soldering Station (European CE Mark)
breadboard and cables
Tool Box (European CE Mark)
Main Interface Unit
Communication cards:. Oscillator/Second Order LPF & HPF Card
Communication cards: AM modulator/demodulator Card
Communication cards:DSB-SC & SSB Modulator/ Demodulator Card
Communication cards:FM Modulator/Demodulator Card
Communication cards:PLL Frequency Synthesizer Card
Communication cards:Signal Sampling and Reconstruction Card
Communication cards:TDM&PAM-TDM Multiplexer/ Demultiplexer
Communication cards:PCM and Error Detection/ Correction Card
Communication cards:FDM Multiplexer / Demultiplexer
Communication cards:Delta Modulation / Demodulation Card
Communication cards:Adaptive Delta and Delta-Sigma Modulation Card
Communication cards:A/D Converter And D/A Converter Card
Communication cards:PWM Modulator/Demodulator
Communication cards:FSK Modulation / Demodulation Card
Communication cards:CVSD Modulator/Demodulator, Manchester Code Encode/Decode
Communication cards:ASK Modulator/Demodulator
Communication cards:PSK/QPSK Modulator / Demodulator Card
Motorized Compression Machine 3000 Kn
Electrical Core Cutter
Air Entrainment Meter Content of Fresh Concrete
Slump Cone Complete
Concrete Mixer (140 liters)
Schmidt Hammer
Laboratory test sieves set 8 inches and 12 inches
Sieve Shaker for 8 inch and 12 inch (220v-50hz-1ph)
Digital Thermometer
Specific Gravity Frame
Concrete Cubes Curing Tank
P.H Digital Device
Laboratory Digital Oven 120 Liters
Digital Thermometer
Vicat Apparatus
Laboratory Digital Sensitive (Balance)
Concrete Pocket Penetrometer
Water supply / sanitation plant
Wastewater separation and treatment plant
Turbidity Meter
Jar Tester
Digital Automatic PH Meter
Pumps, Valves and Fittings Test Trainer
Control valves stand
Multi Pump Trainer
Single Stage Compressor Trainer
Turbine training system
Single stage axial flow turbomachinery
Material torsion test machine
Tribological investigation machine
CNC milling machine
CNC lathe machine
Corrtest electrochemical workstation
TelMig machine
DNI spot welding machine