Universal Testing Machine
Dynamic shear rheometer
Atomic Absorption Measurments
Total Organic Carbon&Total Nitrogen Analyzer
Ionic Chromatography System (ICS)
Static and Cyclic Triaxial Testing System(APC)
Automatic Consolidimeter
Geotechnical Centrifuge
Direct Shear Apparatus
Pile Integrity Tester (PIT)
Electric Oven
Soil Grinding Ball Mill
Digital Balance 4100 gm
Digital Balance 220 gm
De-Airing Water System
Atomic Force Microscope AFM
Reflection Microscope
Reflection Microscope
Probe Station
Precisiion LCR meter
Precisiion LCR meter
UV - Visible spectrometer
ميكروسكوب عاكس
Probe Station
Precisiion LCR meter
UV - Visible spectrometer
Storage oscilloscope
Storage oscilloscope
Tubular Fumace
Rotary Evaporatot
Water Purifier
Fume hood(Materials lab)
Spin Coater
Fume hood(Devices lab)
Vacuum oven
Vacuume Pump
Friction and Wear testing machine
Impact testing machine
Analytical balance
Multi-Component Dynamometer
Surface Test
جهاز قياس الاستدارة للاسطح
Nikon Measurescope-10
Digital Dial Indicator
Kingred CNC Wire Electrical Discharge Cut Machine
Zeiss Stemi 508 Stereo Microscope
AMETEK Digital Tachometer
Creality wash and cure machine
فريزه افقية ذات ثلاث محاور cnc
Wave Flume Channel
Open channel Flume
Field Current meter
Pressure Transducer
Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV)
Wave Porobe System
Open channel Flume 2
Counter set of current meter flow measurements
Flow channel with width 7.5 cm
Free and forced vortex apparatus
Vernier Hook & Point Gauges
Ground Water Flow Unit
Friction loss in pipes
Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Calibrator
Surge tank and water hammer unit
Metacentric Height
Impact of jets
Hydrostatic pressure apparatus
Flow over weirs
Bernoulli´s principle demonstrator
Photon Basic Hydraulic Bench
Hydraulics Bench- FME00
Full hydraulic bench with Borden pressure gauge
Electronic Manometer
Pitot tube 450 mm
Temperature Sensor
Data Logger
cisco switch
pall server
حاسب آلى dell exsou
smart board
3 com basecine switch 2024
core biulder
جهاز كمبيوتر بكل ملحقاته
منشار الصينية
منشار الطاولة
المثقاب العمودي
ميزان طبلية
ماسح الجدران الرداري
ميزان حائط ليزر
laser cutter
Air Compressor
Scroll Saws
Bench Grinder
Mini drill
Angle Grinder 5"
Airbrush Pen +Air Hose 3m
3d printer
laser meter
Digital SLR camera
Head light
Soft box
xplorer GLX
Humidity/ tempreture/dew point sensor
light sensor
weather anemonitor sensor
Aaccurate measurements (Vernier caliper )
Aaccurate measurements : Micrometer
Simple Pendulum
Hooke's law
Determination of thermal linear expansion
Determination of speed of sound in air
Determination of young's modulus of wire
Determination of melting point of Wax
Determination of thermal conductivity of unknown metal
Standing waves and determination of wavelength
Doppler effect
Heat transfer
Kirchoff's voltage law
electrostatic charge
Michelson's interferometer
Acid Base Titration ((Neutralization Reaction))
Oxidation-Reduction Titration ((Redox Reaction))
Precipitation titration
AIoT Home AI and IoT covargance equipment using 2D model lab kit
ES-101 embedded systems tranning kit
HBE-MCU multi (pic) microcontroller traning system
Antenna Training System MATS-1000A‎
Antenna Training System MW-2000‎
Measurements trainers
AIoT‏ ‏SERBOT mini Assembleable Indoor Intelligent IoT service Robot ‎with Brain and‏ ‏Driving Module
AIoT AutoCarII‏ ‏Self-driving platform-based AI and IoT convergence ‎training equipment
Crane 5 ton
steel cutting machine
Drilling machine
loading frame 100 ton capacity
loading frame 200 ton capacity
loading frame 100 ton capacity 2
loading frame 100 ton capacity 3
loading frame 100 ton capacity 4
دائرة هيدروليكية